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Q. What is considered to be a fuel?

A. NFPA 68 2-3.1 "Any material capable of reacting rapidly and exothermically with an oxidizing medium can be classified as a fuel. A fuel can exist in a gas, liquid, or solid state. Liquid fuels that are dispersed in air as fine mists, solid fuels that are dispersed in air as dusts, and hybrid mixtures pose similar deflagration risks as gaseous fuels."

Consequences of Explosions NFPA 68 - 3-2.1 "Damage can result should a deflagration occur in any enclosure that is too weak to withstand the pressure from a deflagration. The area of the vent must be large enough to limit the deflagration pressure to some predetermined safe level. In addition to the deflagration pressure, there is a thermal hazard associated with the flame. This thermal hazard exists both within the enclosure and in the path of the vented flame."

NFPA 68 - 3-2.4 "The effect of a deflagration depends on the maximum pressure attained, the maximum rate of pressure rise, and the duration of the peak pressure. The total impulse imparted to the enclosure is reduced as the vent area increases. However, total impulse is not a useful design basis. The stress developed on the enclosure is calculated on the basis of the equivalent static load."

NFPA 68 - 3-2.6 "When a gas or dust deflagration is vented, a tongue of flame of brief duration issues from the vent. Unburned dust will be ignited as it flows out the vent and can produce a large fireball that can extend not only outward and upward, but also downward from the vent. This has been shown in numerous tests conducted with full-scale equipment."

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