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Q. Where are they required?

A. Any facility where potentially explosive atmospheres exist requires explosion venting. Facilities handling hazardous materials are required by numerous building codes to provide adequate safeguards against explosions. The following code and guideline authorities specify the requirements for explosion venting and set standards of protection that must be met.

  • National Fire Protection Association Guide NFPA 68 (1998) Explosion Venting
  • BOCA National Building Code (1999) Section 417.5.1
  • SBCCI Standard Building Code (1999) Section 407.2.2
  • SBCCI Standard Fire Code (1999) Section 611, 2203.1.16
  • ICBO Uniform Building Code (1997) Section 307.10
  • ICBO Uniform Fire Code (1997) Section 8004.2.2.4
  • International Building Code (2000) Section 415.5.1
  • International Fire Code (2000) Section 911
  • National Fire Code (Canada) section,,,,, and
  • National Building Code (Canada) Section

There’s an Explovent for every condition.

Explovent Product Shot

Aluminum Panel ERP-IC FM approved and labeled. Designed in accordance with NFPA 68 standards and all fire codes. Insulated and well sealed to provide a draft free environment.

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Translucent Polycarbonate Panel ERP-PC Designed in accordance with NFPA 68 standards and all building and fire codes. Translucent panels reduce need for artificial lighting.

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Explosion Relief Louver ERL Provides explosion or pressure venting with the ability to handle every day exhaust and intake ventilation requirements.

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Insulated Aluminum Panel XRV-IC XRV-IC roof explosion vents are for buildings where the exterior wall area is insufficient, or where exterior walls are obstructed, preventing wall vents.

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