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Q. How does Explosion Venting work?

A.An explosion vent is designed to be the weakest part of the external structure. As the explosion vent experiences the pressure rise, it opens quickly allowing the rapidly expanding heated gases to be released to the outside. By doing so, the internal walls, floor, and ceiling are spared from the damaging overpressure experienced during a deflagration.

To successfully limit damage to the vented area, vent design and the pressure resistant structure must be in keeping with guideline authority recommendations. As such, C/S Explovent® explosion relief systems have been designed in accordance with the NFPA 68 Venting of Deflagrations guideline and Factory Mutual 1-44 Damage Limiting Construction document. Explovent® has been tested, approved, and labeled by Factory Mutual and tested and approved by the Canadian Center for Mineral and Energy Technology for explosion relief applications.

NFPA 68 Venting of Deflagrations

The National Fire Protection Association is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on explosive events. Its guideline document NFPA 68 Venting of Deflagrations, provides specific recommendations for the design and operation of explosion vents.

Propagation of a combustion zone at a velocity that is less than the speed of sound in the unreacted medium constitutes as a deflagration.

NFPA - 2-1.4 "Deflagration venting is one means of controlling damage caused by deflagration explosions. By releasing expanding gases through an opening it is possible to reduce the pressure below the level that would cause damage."

NFPA - 3-1.1 "A deflagration vent is an opening in an enclosure through which burned and unburned material expands and flows. In many cases it is impractical and economically prohibitive to construct an enclosure that will withstand or contain such pressures."

There’s an Explovent for every condition.

Explovent Product Shot

Aluminum Panel ERP-IC FM approved and labeled. Designed in accordance with NFPA 68 standards and all fire codes. Insulated and well sealed to provide a draft free environment.

Explovent Product Shot

Translucent Polycarbonate Panel ERP-PC Designed in accordance with NFPA 68 standards and all building and fire codes. Translucent panels reduce need for artificial lighting.

Explovent Product Shot

Explosion Relief Louver ERL Provides explosion or pressure venting with the ability to handle every day exhaust and intake ventilation requirements.

Explovent Product Shot

Insulated Aluminum Panel XRV-IC XRV-IC roof explosion vents are for buildings where the exterior wall area is insufficient, or where exterior walls are obstructed, preventing wall vents.

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