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Explosion Venting

Combustible dust, gas and chemical explosions remain one of the deadliest realities plaguing the processing and storage plants of our nation’s industrial and manufacturing sectors. With over 200 dust related fires and explosions reported in 2008, causing the injury and death of workers and complete destruction to buildings, can you afford not to use Explovent?

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Explovent is the only explosion venting system that can be field-tested at any time.

Explovent is testable, resettable and factory calibrated for release at very low temperatures.

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If your facility operates in an environment where potentially explosive atmospheres, materials or processes exist, it is critical for the safety of your employees that a pressure-venting system be included in your building’s design.

With over 35 years of research and development in the field of specialty venting, Construction Specialties Inc. has developed Explovent explosion venting panel system - the only field-testable and resettable explosion venting system available today. Explovent provides a cost effective and code compliant solution to facilities that face potential hazards in dust, gas and chemical combustion.

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